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I’ve begun writing for the Independent school Magazine Blog, published by NAIS.  The first entry is: “Common Sense (and Nonsense) about Sexuality Education for Young Children,” March 2, 2016.

You can read the entire text at the NAIS blog. This is such an important topic, and I would welcome feedback and discussion. Please leave a comment below, or visit the NAIS blog and leave a comment there. Below are two short excerpts.

“We know from decades of research that children and adolescents raised by adults who educate and converse with them about sexuality grow up in healthier ways than their peers. For example, while common nonsense might hold that “knowing leads to doing” or some other unwanted effect, just the opposite is true: Kids with this kind of guidance and support significantly postpone involvement in sexual behaviors as they mature. Keeping them in the dark, in other words, is the real danger here.”

‘Bottom line: The kind of readiness young children need to learn about their origins — or, really, about any other topic related to sexuality — is primarily cognitive readiness, not emotional readiness, as many adults, out of their own anxieties, project it to be.”

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