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Debbie Roffman is available to speak to parents of children and teens of all ages at your school or organization, locally, nationally, or internationally; to provide model teaching and consultation around Pre-K through 12 curriculum development; and to offer teacher preparation and training around all topics, and across all school divisions, relating to human sexuality education.

Looking to train your PreK-LS faculty to teach sexuality education? Here’s what Debbie can provide for schools and for national and regional associations. Get the Program Overview.

Debbie works with all constituents of school communities–parents, teachers, administrators, students, alumni, and trustees–on a one-time or extended basis. She has worked very successfully with all types of schools (300+) across the United States: private and public, secular and parochial, day and boarding, coed or single sex. Whether addressing schools and communities that consider themselves to be on the “traditional” or on the “progressive” end of the spectrum, her ability to find common ground by keeping the focus on young people and their universal needs around healthy sexual development is one of her gifts.

In working with groups and institutions, as is the case with all of her books and articles on this topic, her singular purpose is always the same: to support an increasing number of immediate, trusted, and caring adults in children’s and teens’ lives who are seen as resources and “go to” people around sexuality.

Debbie is available for single presentations and/or for half, full, or multiple days of on-site work. Her presentations are tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual group or school community.

A Sampling of Topics and Issues Addressed in Debbie’s Presentations and Workshops

  • Families and Schools: Partners in Sexuality Education
  • Nurturing Sexually Healthy Kids in a Sexually Unhealthy World
  • Right From the Start: Sexuality Education in Early Childhood
  • In the Middle: Sexuality Education for 10-14 Year Olds
  • No, They Don’t Know Everything Already: Educating High School Students about Human Sexuality
  • Who We Are as Sexual People: Unpacking Sex, Gender, Gender Roles, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation
  • Parenting Is A Five Piece Suit: Here’s the Job Description You Never Got
  • Values? What Values?: How Schools and Parents Working Together Can Reinforce Healthy Sexual Values
  • Raising Sexually Ethical Kids
  • Gay and Trans Kids: Making Sure We Are Meeting Their Core Needs
  • Homophobia: What It Is and How It Hurts Everyone in a School Community
  • Sexual Harassment in Schools: How to Identify, Respond to, and Prevent It
  • Managing Conflict around Sexuality Education in Your School or Community
  • Parenting Around Sexuality in the Internet Age

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