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Deborah Roffman awarded the 2022 National Sex Ed Conference
Golden Brick Award

The tenth annual Golden Brick Award honors outstanding leaders in sexuality education –
Those who made significant contributions to the field of sexuality education throughout the nation.

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The Science of Babies

The Science of Babies was published on May 3, 2022 by Birdhouse Books!

The first board book created to help parents start talking to their young children about conception, birth, and families in an inclusive and scientific way, it’s available NOW in stores and online with free shipping at BARNES & NOBLE and AMAZON Prime. The Science of Babies is so in demand that we’re going to a second printing.

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Praise for The Science of Babies

“Debbie came to my son’s school to speak, and I was immediately hooked on her philosophy and candor! I am forever grateful that I heard her when my children were both under 3, and now, The Science of Babies has given me the words and tools I need to talk about our bodies and the process of new life with confidence.”

Chrissy Kelleher, Parent

“The Science of Babies is another superb resource from Debbie Roffman. The engaging images and concise, accurate language provide a welcoming and accessible format for exploring this subject with young children. For sure, this groundbreaking work will become a staple both at home and in classrooms.”

Laura Jacoby and Adam Rogers, Early Childhood Science Teachers

“Written by a leading expert in young children’s development, The Science of Babies is a treasure. Every single word and illustration is carefully thought-out in concert with the guidance Deborah Roffman’s parenting books provide about what children want to know, what they need to know, and when they should know it.” 

William J. Taverner, Chief Editor, American Journal of Sexuality Education

“Debbie Roffman writes with thoughtful sensitivity and humor about what all children are naturally curious about. Her expertise allows her to deliver information with age-appropriate language and an understanding of inclusivity so that all children can embrace their identity with a sense of belonging.”

Christina Kim, Parent, Elementary School Counselor

“How lucky are parents and early childhood educators that master teacher Deborah Roffman has written this inclusive, revolutionary board book for our youngest children. Using basic concepts like same/different and inside/outside to teach about people, relationships, eggs, sperm, genitals, and birth, she’s provided–finally!–the thorough, friendly guide we and children need.”

Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D.,
Founder, Re-Set School

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It’s AMAZING in Spanish too! The AMAZE, Jr. Parent Videos that I scripted in 2019 are being translated into Spanish. View the complete series

English Spanish

◇ I was interviewed for the program On The Record, on WYPR, public radio for Baltimore and Maryland. The program was titled, “A Key To Appropriate Behavior: Self-Respect.” The audio is here.

Named one of Time Magazine’s “Top Sixteen Parenting Experts for the 21st Century,” Debbie’s three previously published books for parents and teachers are considered classics in the field. A human sexuality educator, consultant, and author based in Baltimore, Maryland, she has taught sexuality education in grades 3-12 at the Park School for more than 35 years. In addition to her constant writing and teaching, she’s worked with parents, teachers, counselors, administrators, students, alumni, and trustees at more than 400 schools and organizations across the country, and she’s published widely throughout the national media. She’s referred to by her colleagues as the most articulate professional voice in the US on the need for broad-based human sexuality education. Her ability to find common ground by keeping the focus on young people and their universal needs around healthy sexual development is one of her gifts.

Deborah Roffman profiled in depth in The Atlantic.

◇ As part of their project “On Teaching,” The Atlantic has published Sarah Carr’s profile of Deborah Roffman, “The Questions Sex-Ed Students Always Ask.

”For 45 years, Deborah Roffman has let students’ curiosities guide her lessons on sexuality and relationships.” (Sarah Carr, The Atlantic, January 13, 2020.)

More Excerpts…

“Roffman’s title of human-sexuality educator has not changed since she arrived at the Park School in 1975, but the dimensions of her role there have steadily grown. So, too, has her outside work in consulting and teacher training: Over the years, she has advised at nearly 400 schools, most of them private.”

“Initially, Roffman taught elective classes in sexuality to the juniors and seniors at Park, but within two years, she had expanded to seventh and eighth-graders. In the 1980s, she added fourth and fifth graders to her roster. She also meets annually with the parents of students as young as kindergartners, to coach them on how to talk with their children about sexuality, and she leads summer training for the Park’s elementary-school teachers on incorporating sexuality instruction into their classrooms.”

For full information about all of Deborah Roffman’s books, and reviews, visit the Books page of the website.


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