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The New York Times article, “Kids Are Watching Pornography…”

I was quoted in Shafia Zoloom’s article in The New York Times, “Kids Are Watching Pornography. Here’s How to Talk About It.” NYT Dec 10, 2020. 

An excerpt:

“For younger children under 10, “If we want children’s understanding of sexuality to be connected to human intimacy, we must talk about how physical and emotional intimacy are related to each other,” said Deborah Roffman, author of Talk to Me First: Everything You Need to Know to Become Your Kids’ ‘Go-To’ Person About Sex.

“She suggested talking with your child about ‘cuddling and the amazing feelings it evokes — help them name feeling safe, loved and protected. That physical contact within the context of pornography is the opposite of that.’”

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AMAZE Videos for 4-9 year olds Translated into Spanish

Sex Ed Videos of the AMAZE Parent Playlist” for parents of 4-9 year-olds, originally published in 2019, have been translated into Spanish.

With titles ranging from “How Do You Talk to Young Kids About ‘Sex’” to “Where Do Babies ComeFrom” to “Is Playing Doctor OK?,” the animated videos in the AMAZE Parent Playlist will help parents continue building an open dialogue with their kids and lay the groundwork to lead safe and healthy lives.

More Information about AMAZE

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New York Times Publishes Letter

My letter to the New York Times – my tenth! – was published on June 28, 2021. It’s in response to Peggy Orenstein’s Times article on “Ignoring Pornography Won’t Make It Go Away.” Here.

“I’ve been a sexuality educator for decades, but when people who don’t know that ask me what I teach I very often say: “Critical thinking skills. Isn’t that what all teachers teach?” Why is that idea controversial only when it comes to learning about sexuality?”

“Children lose their innocence when they discover that the people they love and count on won’t always be there in the future. Abdicating our roles around children’s need to make their way healthfully and joyfully in the world as sexual people teaches them that we’re not there for them now.”

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Quoted in New York Times

I was quoted extensively in “Keeping Kids Curious About Their Bodies Without Shame” by Jenny Marder in the July 16, 2020 New York Times. It’s a good article. Here.

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